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About Us

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Dental Implant Holiday clinic particularly Flores Dental Clinic was established in Cebu City, Philippines in 1973 by Dr. Thelma Flores, joined by Dr. Iraniyol Flores 15 years ago has long been under going extensive studies in the advancement in the fields of dentistry from basic tooth replacement by crown and bridge to different kinds of dentures available now; implant supported crown and bridge to implant supported dentures.

Our Clinic

Over the years the Flores Dental Clinic has made available its dental services not only in Cebu City but also in the other parts of the Philippines particularly in the City of Manila, islands of Boracay, and partner clinic in Dipolog City.

In order to serve clientele from different walks of life originating from the different parts of the country to the world; with the advent of the latest dental solution treatments and rehabilitation the Flores Dental Clinic is committed to be always at pace with the fast developing dental technology in Southeast Asia and be readily equipped with the challenging demands of the times in terms of at most dental care.

The Flores Dental Clinic has manifestly keep faith with the highest standards of proficiency in keeping with the dignity of the Dental profession.

Its stands over time in a manner completely above suspicions and beyond reproach conscious as it performs bounded duty to extend its proven expertise in the delivery of high quality dental care particularly solving dental problems using dental implant solutions 15 years by 2016.nt solutions 15 years by 2016./p>

You are in a good hands....

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